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The terror – Part 2

4 Jun

A thunder storm on desertOn the night of June 2nd, I started driving towards office, a pretty long drive while the weather was threatening to ruin my ride with heavy thunder showers. The rain was on the edge to give its shot. The drive continued with lightnings and loud thunders once in a few seconds. I could not help but think about the incident that killed two young boys when violent winds crashed a tree on the car in which the boys were there. I have never considered myself lucky. I tried to calm myself but I could not until I finished with the ride. All the beautiful trees that mesmerize me with the joyous morning ride back home with the warm sun just filling me with light all my way turned to be a nightmare while I kept on checking the correlation between the height of the tree and my position while I crossed the tree. I must admit I have a silent  uneasiness with thunders and lightnings. I know all this could sound very dumb, I cannot help it anyway. Even the red colored flowers showered on the road reminded me of some recent thriller movie adding to my misery. All the things I enjoyed while on the drive returning home turned just the opposite. Anyways the night was gone and I could relax myself after reaching the office. A terrific night.

The other things that obviously terrorize me in quick sessions while driving is the close shave situations in some “terribly gone wrong ways” while overtaking vehicles amidst dense traffic and trying to stop while a stray dog lurks around right before you all of a sudden. My brakes are getting less responsive 😦 and these situations give enough adrenaline rush. Two days passed and terror continues every once in a while.

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