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The game – Part 3 :)

8 Aug

It is the second long thing which I see/feel which leaves me thinking for the next several hours to come and this post is inspired by one such second. Like everyone has a unique day everyday, everyone has to play a different game called life. I got bright after the second and compared our daily living to two mind games – chess and sudoku, the few mind games that I am aware of. I felt everything has been preset, right from birth to the last rites. Coming to the game chess, we either be one among the roles played ranging from the most powerful queen to the humble pawn. Used once, very few has the power ever to revert back the damage using some special tools of the game. Real life rarely does have such options, giving chance and  circumstance the ultimate governing authority. I am not sure how much we can defeat chance with wit and intelligence. If we considered our friends and kin to be the fellow soldiers in Chess, everybody is unique and we have to get past the boons and hurdles offered by the whole lot.  The next one is Sudoku. We never know how difficult the game will be just by looking at it. This game is more critical due to the fact that there is no room for error and mistake, you cannot change the way every number is on the board, you just have to live with it till the end. One wrong move and the feat of completing the game successfully is screwed. All that is a part of the variants of the things we pass through in a journey called life.

The game – Part 2

28 Jun

Mahesh rightly pointed out the things that can happen to an individual due to the outcome of a game. It is a matter of life or death in certain cases. I wanted to append “The game”, but left it untouched. While I was doing some small household work, I realized I had to attempt it several times to get to finish it, just the way I would play a puzzle game in my PC. I wondered if life could give an undo button and Load/Save game option. The problem comes when we make a mistake and damage somebody/something is that until we realize we made a mistake, we will not be able to revert back to what we were before we made the mistake and also repair the damage  it takes to hurt anybody.  The same comes to everybody’s minds when we think about the good old days. Many movies have been made on this genre with involvement of science fiction. I had been in this situation not many times but I have lost considerable things worth mentioning due to this. The same reminds me of the thirukkural illustrating of how words could hurt much more than fire burning our flesh. It is important that we enjoy our lives every single moment and at the same time we care about our actions and outcome to our dear and loved ones. A trait that could take a lifetime to master.

The game

24 Jun

They say games existed since time immemorial. Games test the physical and mental strength of the individual. I remember writing about the same topic during my interview (However, I have forgotten what I have written anyways). I wonder when they figured out the concept of playing games. They set out an objective on each game design and we yearn to get to it before anyone else does. There are umpteen types of games as far as I have known about it. Some of them take the form of physical exertion and some makes us think, some puzzle our brains, etc. Some even play with other people’s lives given the situation and the circumstances. I love the games when they are fun. They got to be treated like one. The problem comes when the game becomes serious and when it relates more to winning and losing and that is where people let themselves down due to the outcome of the game. The same is when people treat the games as a career. I am just outlining about games, I have no experience on it in any way. However, I would like to have a slumber sleep no matter the outcome of the game and start the next day afresh. I do believe that they exist for a reason. No wonder everyone needs some.

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