The Oily Barber

1 Mar

Hmm..Last edited on 29th Sep 2011. Really wanted to update the blog but couldn’t come up with anything fresh so I dig this draft up.


There is this barber whom I am getting serviced for a long time (long I cannot remember how long). He has a peculiar characteristic than anybody else I have met. He is unctuous and his voice is so smooth you feel so uncomfortable. “Vaa kannu” will be his welcome words to anyone who comes for a haircut. I would always want to get my hair cut by his associates cos he is just too much to talk. The associate guys are one grim and one real mute person. My dad always used to say that barbers have a lot of information and talk about a lot of things to their customers. This one is no exception, through casual talk, he knows about my family and whenever I step in there, he would ask about their well being. During the course of the hair cut, he talks about a lot of things and does show concern over a little things but I am oblivious whether it is feigned or real. He has to come closer to whisper in order to ask about anything like my hair cut requirements and others and so on. He finally gets paid and says adieu with “Poitu vaa… kannu…  He is perhaps the only character I met in life who talks to his customers and sometimes in normal mode to other people from my observation.

Coming back to the start, unctuous, is a word I learned from the Harry Potter book (Book 4), I now remember his name (to my disbelief, yes) Igor Karkaroff, who talks unctuously, I really was much younger when I read the book anyway and never had a clue that HP would take dark turns with mercilessly killing characters like Black , Cedric, Albus, Mad-eye and subsequently lost interest in that book when all powerful characters slain one by one.

There are perhaps the opportunists who behave in such a way you could not detect their dirtiness in anyway but beware of your loved ones. Always keep a watch. Just a word.

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