Optimism – A short story

3 Nov

Shared by Mahesh as comments in this post  in my blog

there was a famous pop singer & he once traveled to some outskirts of Africa

when he finishes his program he got a huge payment

then he reached his hotel & was packing his things to fly back, he saw a women around 35 yrs of age just outside his room with tore clothes & lot of sorrow in her face & she was starring at his room

he just stepped out & went near the lady & asked her who is she & why she is starring at his room

the lady said that she has a child suffering from brain tumor & doctor had advised for a major operation & if the same is not performed within a week the baby will pass away

the singer was really moved by the situation & he gave all the money he just got & he went to his room, then he realized he does not have even a penny left to go back to his place

he went & requested the organizer for some funds & he promised he will perform a show for free if he helps

the organizer happily gave him some funds & he left

after 6 months he again came to same place to keep up his word

the same room attendant came to him & said, I was told you were talking to the street lady when you visited last time, the singer told yes & gave him a brief about what happened

the room boy started smiling & stated that the lady is an orphan & she does not have any baby, she normally tells same story to outsiders & gain their sympathy & get some money from them

the story stops here & a question is asked

if you were the singer, in this situation how you will react?

the reaction of the singer

he has very happy & he said the room boy ” I am very happy & glad to hear that the lady does not have a dying child ” he was really happy & tipped the room boy heavily

this is the height of OPTIMISM

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