Likes n Loves – Part 2

19 Sep

My friend had suggested that the previous post “Likes and loves” was somewhat shallow and that it started and ended abruptly. It had gone out of the focus (my focus) for a little while. The inspiration of the post was kind of inevitable and it is one of my favorite songs which is why I am writing this. “Anbil Avan” from “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya” is that song. It have always liked this song and particularly enjoyed the background music in the interludes depicting Kattimelam and the choir chorus I am unaware of. This was until the day that I felt this song will be a painful memory, I started to boycott it, this was of course until a month before, after I felt the pain is slowly going off. This is another example of the cycle of Likes, Loved and Love Nots. I have never expected songs which are my closest thing could become a harsh souvenir of reality. It also reminds that we are just alone and not even the closest could stay with you forever.


I wanted to post the continuation to this thought in another post, but hey, I thought let this be coherent. All this started with a casual conversation and to this day, I just hoped it did not happen. I cannot get to its details, it’s too sensitive. The days after this conversation had me torn for months together, it got me out of control for a little while. I had not been like this since last four years. From this, I did learn one thing. It is that do not go deep into something, some person until you know that they know they are with you like you expect to. And I do not blame myself or the other one that was in our conversation and I should not have put myself towards what the conversation led me to.

PS:  I have always tried to avoid writing about this in my blog, but somehow could not stop myself to do so.


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