Likes and Loves

11 May

Long time since my last post. The inspiration of this post came mid-where around a hungry meal. I was gulping down chunks of food when I realized that how much I disliked the dish before.  I used to skip that dish or settle down to an alternative one. I cannot believe I have started to like it after all,  I took several helpings of the same dish in that meal. There is this drumstick which I used to like so much in my childhood days, which I hardly be able to eat it now. Sometimes, we tend to like things which we disliked most. Wonder how things circle around. The same goes for the things we liked.  It is strange that we tend to love someone (who has left us for good) more than we used  to after they left. There are numerous things that needs to be minded but the thoughts of this will occupy us for a good amount of time. Guess it is the same for the vice versa. The cycle between likes and loves circle around all the time and I’m not sure if this saga changes at any point of time.

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