The day after – Part 2

5 Dec

A month and a fortnight since I wrote an unpublished draft, one line old 😦 Will get back to this later. Times are hard and so is my daily life. This particular thing, one that I am writing now is of particularly thought often. How could things be after life? I remember killing myself in my mind umpteen times for that. I would think how much impact that would cause to my little world. I decided to write this one when Mahesh told me about this. I had gone through a certain period of time in this kind of delusion after the departure of my closed one. I am sure one goes through a lot in his/her life until that day comes. Although there is much debate in what happens after one dies, I feel that the world moves on after this loss. I still recall the lines “எத்தனை கோடி கண்ணீர் மண்மீது விழுந்திருக்கும். அத்தனை கண்ட பின்னும் பூமி இங்கு பூப்பூக்கும்”. It is a direct END to life, I am still unsure why world works this way. It could be the legacy he/she leaves behind and the emotions that the departed one gives to his fellow beings. It has always been that way to me. I am currently toiled by a thousand, million emotions and thoughts bugging all my day getting into my otherwise “peaceful” mind. Sometimes, I think of bursting my emotions for the whole world to get to see it somehow. If I am gone, I believe I will have an impact on my closest ones at least. At that point of time, I guess this journal would be a memoir of my memories and emotions. I feel insecure about the days I have spent and the days I am going to spend due to the fact that anything can happen anytime. Worse is the situation where there is nobody to care about the expired one. I remember seeing a documentary of a group of monkeys ( not sure about them being orangutans or chimps) living on a city in Rajasthan. Suddenly, one baby monkey dies, the monkeys go on doing some kind of rituals for the departed one, much similar to humans. One should look at their faces on the following days to come. There is no doubt that they are the most intelligent creatures, I think the rest of the creatures also have feelings but not sure if they exhibit it. Death goes as end of life but does give the world a legacy that is never realized when lived.

Will add more to this in days to come. My take on life after death.

2 Responses to “The day after – Part 2”

  1. GUMP December 5, 2010 at 10:02 pm #

    Dude, you take on death is much like every other person would think, even the most ritual pundit will think in the same way. Death is just part of life, but the thing is its like a never ending and fantasy dream, you never know when it comes. But when it comes, you never know it but the ones close to your heart will definitely feel the presence of it. Death is unexplainable.

    You have similar thoughts as i have. we share so much in common. I am more fascinated by the Aliens, UFO’s, Bermuda Triangle, Life, Death, Magic, and all sorts of unexplainable things.

  2. D.Mahesh Kumar December 16, 2010 at 3:08 pm #


    As per me there is nothing after death…..

    We are nothing special, we are same as any living organism in the 3rd planet

    we were told death is only the transfer of aathma from one body to another! , if this is true then how the population increases !!!!!

    life is just the formation of one cell which is made by a sperm & a egg thats it

    This everything was just made to make the people to be afraid of their sins & nothing else

    enjoy until we live then leave the rest, as scientifically without nerves there is no feeling, then why to worry !

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