The dusk

2 Oct

Before going in reading to the text, the comments are entirely mine and everything mentioned here is based on my opinion and my experience, I welcome all insights to my ideas and you are free to provide opinions.

I have always wondered how life would be like after a few decades of life, (mentioning few decades, unsure of how long am going to live). I wanted to know about the elderly age quite in early or get a glimpse of it somehow. We took examples of your grandparents for instance as how old age could be like. Perhaps it could be life’s best or worst time to pass with since we had to deal with the last stages of life, its completion. What amazes us is the fact that new born and the elderly have the best and worst in this life as they deal with the start and the end of the life-cycle respectively. The old age has been spoken about by many and many including the famous and quotable “All the world’s a stage” by Shakespeare. Thinking about this gives me quite an impression. The body of an elderly gets tired but the mind is agile and wary. Most of them may or may not have satisfied what they have yearned for all their life. This makes it the best and the worst of last stages of life. When the senses darken and get blurred with senility and other physical plus emotional strains. They have to live in the midst of their groomed children who are now taking up the aides and living up their part. They tend to understand the real colors of what could be like in the midst of their children who they have to rely on them, the good the bad and the ugly. Well, the children alone cannot be blamed for everything, the elderly seem to get on the nerves real quickly making some so-called bad days to upgrade to worse. I have seen them get real self centered and turning their kin’s life into a some kind of nightmare. They behave childish not only on the physical self but also could be emotionally too. It’s very hard to understand their reason and to the core, they are as mysterious as a baby’s gaze into your eyes.

One Response to “The dusk”

  1. D.Mahesh Kumar October 4, 2010 at 6:03 pm #


    As per me it is a cycle

    infant , child , master , mister , again, master , child , infant & gone

    nothing great that they behave childish , they will as their cycle is reaching “child”

    but the experience what they have gained lies same but the mind set changes, this is really a confusing kind of situation they know they are grown up , matured but they behave childish……… we can’t help it

    we will also do if we are there for the whole cycle.

    what is a child’s mentality , everybody should give extra care to him or her, all his ideas or requests to be honored etc etc etc, the same happens with elders also……… it is natural

    we like or don’t like we grow , all changes in body for that age happens ……

    we cannot control it, the same with the elders also

    it is a different kind of maturity, they get lot of ego as they might think or we make them feel that they are a burden…….

    it is not really bad days, it is a rest time for all the hard work they have done during their busy life schedule…..

    every human being should start thinking tomorrow I will be in that stage, then no issues arises

    like to bow before them for giving us this great world to live……….

    we also have to think that we have borrowed from elders with a promise that we will hand it over to our juniors in right way……

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