18 Aug

A few words before you go to reading this further: I am not sure why this occurred to me, but is an unanswered question for me for quite sometime, so I thought it is better to give it out rather than getting mind boggled. This could sound strange or crazy, I do not know for it comes to

I am wondering how to start. I have always thought human life is going to be really special considering that there are millions of other species to choose from by the Creator, and there is absolutely no doubt that it is the best to be a human. Coming back to what this esteemed creation has done or “created” is puzzling me more. “Nothing that was ever created had or have or will be perfect”, says an anonymous quote. A simple example of this was referred in “Seven pounds” movie by its heroine mentioning about the heart condition of “Great Dane” dog breeds. It so occurred to me when I was driving back home on my  motorcycle, that perhaps many of human creations are inspired by himself. I took two examples from my motorcycle, the tubed tyre and the fuel power. The tubed tyre uses air to power the motion using wheels which perhaps may be inspired from his stomach, the tubed tyre eventually loses air just like our appetite. When energy is feeble, we feel lethargic just like a vehicle starving for fuel supply. Most of the machines are of the model – input, process and output just like most parts of a human body. I wondered if this ever made sense but could not help it. May be it could be a part of my fantasy or madness.

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  1. D.Mahesh Kumar August 18, 2010 at 11:38 am #


    As per me, this is based totally on dependence

    let me be more specific about human being & machine

    Machine :

    Energy – as we know it is capacity to do work, A machine gets its energy through Electricity, Electricity is got by rotating a turbine with some fuel, let it be water or Water vapor or Sunlight

    Human being :

    We get energy again by fuel ie by consuming any thing edible , our body acts as a turbine to produce Energy

    Now read my first line again “DEPENDENCE” as machines are dependent for electricity we are also dependent on food

    So to complete a work lot of dependence comes into picture

    Dependent on earth for water & plants , plants in turn dependent on Sun to prepare its food ( Photosynthesis) again it is dependent on Chlorophyll to finish its preparation, it take for its own & the remaining comes as a fruit or what so ever, so for food see the dependence levels we cross unknowingly ! still it goes on, we need fuel to cook the same then utensils for which again we are dependent on a manufacturer…………… it goes on as a infinity

    No body or nothing in the world is independent it is a team work……

    I am not sure if my answer helped you or in turn confused you more ?

    I apologize if I had confused you more !

    All the best.

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