That dreaded day

22 Jul

It has been sometime since I wrote in this blog. Sincere apologies again. 15th July’s  night had been one of those dreaded days, perhaps nights. It so happened that one of my family members got ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. I feel that this is a dreaded day not just because of the aftermath I have to face on that day, it is the gush of feeling that comes to your brain/mind which reminds you of everything you have in store for your loved ones. Unlike the previous time as described in “One heck of a day and night“, this time I actually felt really got concerned and could not fight myself about the thought of the consequences. I decided to write after she is back home safely and here I am writing this now. As before, I had to stay at the lobby of the hospital waiting and had to go through a variety of emotions.

It takes a person a good amount of lifetime to get to know himself and the world according to the way he/she was brought up or he brought himself up. A balance of equation lies in mind and the body and both directly relies upon themselves for any given point of time. When we visit hospitals, you can see that the balance is withdrawn and anyone rules which brings distress not only to the self but also to his loved ones. I believe I should have written about this when I was in the hospital thinking about this, for I am short of everything now, from words to the entire content. Be it our fate or the outcome of our actions, what could be seen in a hospital is the line between life and death. Everything is fine and reverting back to normal is easy when we get the person out there in the hospital cured and get them home. The problem lies when we lose control over the physical body of our loved ones, we realize the importance of the physical self which in no way is cared about when we are nearby at all other times. The battle between the two goes on forever until we are gone, for we all are mortal.

One Response to “That dreaded day”

  1. D.Mahesh Kumar July 24, 2010 at 7:59 pm #

    There were sometimes where no hospitals were there, but the average living age was much higher than of today ,

    we ourselves have spoiled our own health by changing the food habits and going behind money, yes hi breed is the only word which have spoiled our total health which was made only concerning the output & returns nothing else

    let God save us , we use hi breed vegetables we use hi breed fruits etc etc , also we use chemicals to ripe the fruits we use pesticides to kill pests which in turn kill us as we are consuming the same

    For example dry fruits , which dry fruit we wash before consuming ? is pesticides not used on them, pls do not think it has a shell covered, we use chemicals in root so what the shell cover will protect

    we spoiled ourselves & we cry to God for help ? what he will do ?

    Thanks for everybody’s optimistic understanding on the above

    I really apologize if this has hurt somebody !

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