The game

24 Jun

They say games existed since time immemorial. Games test the physical and mental strength of the individual. I remember writing about the same topic during my interview (However, I have forgotten what I have written anyways). I wonder when they figured out the concept of playing games. They set out an objective on each game design and we yearn to get to it before anyone else does. There are umpteen types of games as far as I have known about it. Some of them take the form of physical exertion and some makes us think, some puzzle our brains, etc. Some even play with other people’s lives given the situation and the circumstances. I love the games when they are fun. They got to be treated like one. The problem comes when the game becomes serious and when it relates more to winning and losing and that is where people let themselves down due to the outcome of the game. The same is when people treat the games as a career. I am just outlining about games, I have no experience on it in any way. However, I would like to have a slumber sleep no matter the outcome of the game and start the next day afresh. I do believe that they exist for a reason. No wonder everyone needs some.

4 Responses to “The game”

  1. Preethi June 24, 2010 at 10:07 pm #

    hey yeah , i do remember lot of funny games played in office during training period

    I really enjoyed playing “hot seat” and “my ship”
    funny and freaky!!
    and game shud be always a game,shudn think of winnig n losing n all .oly then we can enjoy..

  2. D.Mahesh Kumar June 26, 2010 at 9:25 am #


    Yep u r right , Game should only be a game ! but it is not as simple !

    Let me explain ,

    Do u know why ego comes into picture & leads to dangerous situations ?

    In case like guys, you & me it is just a game or event what ever it be , but for the professionals !!!!!!!!

    They become a celebrity due to their profession (game) , it is not so easy to decide to loose the importance in the crowd, just by allowing other guy to take over the position even though he is a much better performer

    this is the point were everything starts ,

    Think about a mall & a famous guy is out for shopping of course off late & a small crowd is behind him for his scribblings in the same time the new performer enters & the crowd totally diverts & go to him , in this situation do you think the first guy will take it easy ?

    If a performing guy is on the screens TRP increases

    Any game is not without eliminations

    Human brain is really sensitive & takes things personally

    Now you may ask me what I am trying to convey ?

    Game is only a game until nobody laughs at you when you loose

    Game is also a profession, it is not just a game, it is not lesser than any

    politics nowadays !!

    So just enjoy the game let it be any tom, dick & harry who performs it,

    Special thanks to Siva for reading my boring comment.

  3. Sanjjay Kumar June 29, 2010 at 2:10 pm #

    Games r real fun !!! … Whether ur watchin it on TV or watchin the players slug it out rite in front of ur eyez or ur an active participant in the game … It jus brings out the kid inside each one of us … We automatically becum hyper, Start gigglin like crazy, forget all our worries, Lose unwanted flab and get our ol body & looks back, We get to know our co-workers/friends/cousins or whomever u play the game wit better … etc etc … So the benefits r huge … Plus anyone can play and enjoy a game … whether ur dull or smart … it dosent matter … and whether u win or lose … it dosent matter either .. jus choose ur fav game … and hit the park/beach/stadium/backyard wit ur friends or cousins and start playin regularly … Enjoy !!!

  4. Siddhesh July 6, 2010 at 5:14 pm #

    It all boils down to competition. People love to compete and games provide them with a means to do that. Be it competing with the game itself or with other players, games will never go out of vogue. A classic example is facebook. Combine Social networking with flash gaming and bam! We have an instant winner. Can’t say that this is a bad trend. Competition till a certain extent is good and necessary.

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