The New arrival

16 Jun

Hi again,

Sincere apologies for not updating for quite sometime. I went to see the new born baby of my cousin brother.  It is a baby girl. Words cannot express the awe and the beauty (of the creation) I could see right in my eyes. The baby has a little sister of about three years old enough to talk about her baby sister. The grandmother of the little girls was on all praise on the baby, futuristic about the things the baby is going to do when she grows. I could see the vivid pleasure in the eyes of the mother and grandmother, the labour and the long wait has come to an end in the form of a beautiful offspring. I remember being the brother of my sibling who was a welcome change to our small family. I guess I am not aged enough to experience such welcome changes in life, to see how it could really change our entire livelihood to the closely loved ones. I realize how happy our parents will be for us and the entire life is dedicated to be for us. That is what human beings are for.

One Response to “The New arrival”

  1. D.Mahesh Kumar June 22, 2010 at 11:08 am #

    Let god shower all his blessings on the newcomer to this world to keep her happy always.

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