25 May

Many posts still in the draft section, not been able to give it the end saga.

The inspiration comes from a documentary about reef sharks and the great white sharks. There is a certain thing which is irking me right after seeing it. There is so much diversity in life here on our planet ranging from the nano-sized bacteria to biggest imaginable – giant blue whales or bigger and smaller ones that have gone extinct with time. It takes quite a fortune to get a human life much in accordance to a famous devotional song and Avvaiyar. It is quite a privilege to be on the top, now that we rule the world one way or the another. It takes a lot of time for the world to shape itself up. In the short span of human life, everybody starts with a preset and live off the destiny they are up to. Some may live an extended life, someone simply can want to pass away in sound sleep, some can yearn to be more.  It really gives one the privilege to be a person at any given time. I always wondered how short lived  the less privileged ones are. It may be the seemingly unfortunate small fishes the reef and great white sharks feed on daily. For all the things that is really difficult and so crucial for bringing a life to this world seemingly goes waste in the hands of the great predators.  Yet life moves on all these thousand years. And yet we talk about our limitations, the preset  we are in, the pros and cons of how our life have shaped up. There are certain things that cannot be changed, but there is always room for improvement. And, privilege would be just for the namesake. It is really important how we are at end of our lives. It is important that we accomplish that matters most to us. Even if it takes a lifetime to complete it.

2 Responses to “Privilege”

  1. D.Mahesh Kumar May 26, 2010 at 9:57 am #


    The lines below are totally my feelings or thoughts

    Mankind was formed on ___________ no answer

    As we are not sure about our origin, why to feel about end

    We do not no is there tomorrow ( KAL KISNAE DHEKKA )

    Then what remains, today yes today is yours enjoy it if there is tomorrow then it will also become today after 24 hrs, I mean to say there is no constant in life

    CG = 9.81, yes it was found but who made it, no answer, is there a guarantee or warranty to say it will not change?

    You have mainly focussed on the opportunity every creature gets to live, yep it is a opportunity or privilege that we are in this planet

    As we got it we will enjoy it, do not go & think far deeper

    As Periyar told if you go in depth life is just an onion , nothing is inside

    You are talking about privilege to live, let me start a new topic who knows the privilege after death?

    Is there a life after death?

    If yes them all creatures which quits the earth daily where it goes

    I have read in a WHO magazine, they found a man in his last minutes so they put him in a thick glass box which is air tight, when his heart & blood stopped there was a big sound & the glass crashed from the top

    it is a real incident, what does this mean

    scientists say the pressure created by the last minute difficulties before death is the reason for breakage, but normal guys say, the aathma while going out had broken the glass, still no end to this incident

    So opportunity what we got is to live, as you have
    rightly mentioned our gr8 lady poet, yes she told it right

    So I feel we should thank the power who created this universe for giving this privilege to live

    I am not sure about my comment whether it is with points or with blabbering s, choice is yours

    cheer up dude, world is waiting for us, let us rock.

  2. Preethi May 30, 2010 at 12:18 pm #

    yes indeed..

    Our lives are too short termed to show difference ,to show who we are.. .
    so many of us simply cross ad passing clouds

    Priorities matters a lot

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