One heck of a day and a night

11 May


A day could not be so long, until on last Sunday when I faced it. I reached KG hospital at around 10.15 AM to check on my grandma’s health. She is keeping well (home now) and was being taken care of by the hospital people. She was being kept in the Intensive care so no separate rooms allotted, meaning I had to stay somewhere around the ICU and keep a tab on her status once in a while. Very strict timings for visiting her in the ICU, so all the while had to be idle with nothing much to do. Perhaps the worst thing to do in life is sitting idle for a Sunday which is supposed to be a holiday and be spent good.  I guess I learned a lot of things on the day and the night. I was able to see several patients that were seriously injured and admitted in the IC and relatives trying to communicate with unconscious patient. I silently prayed for a quick  ‘get well soon’  as I passed through the room and gazed and amazed at a very different environment in the Intensive care. I forced myself to be idle on the day and could have seen hundreds of people strolling hither and thither for some reason or another.  The infrastructure and the daily functioning of the hospital along with its people are quite astounding.  This have been quite a no brainer but there are lots yet to write and an update coming away shortly.

4 Responses to “One heck of a day and a night”

  1. D.Mahesh Kumar May 12, 2010 at 6:57 pm #

    Of course sitting idle is very difficult,

    Think about security guards really hectic,

    I have been once in the same situation that too in a ICCU where all accident cases are admitted,

    I literally saw death on many faces!

    Such a horrible pain, the more worse thing was there was a 11 months old infant admitted with lot of glass pieces pierced in its face, I was really crying seeing the baby, her parents lost their life in the accident! he was literally a orphan but without knowing it!

    the whole thing happened because of over speeding of the car by their driver,



  2. Preethi May 30, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

    besides the nauseating hospital smell,it carries some warm hugs and emotional “take care”s…
    hmmmm… Life goes on.. 🙂

    • Shiva June 1, 2010 at 11:08 pm #

      Of course… Life moves on, people come and go, could hear the cry of joy and bitterness indicating birth and death at the same place and at the same time ….


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    […] everything you have in store for your loved ones. Unlike the previous time as described in “One heck of a day and night“, this time I actually felt really got concerned and could not fight myself about the thought […]

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