The day after ..

8 May

Hi again,

Been sometime since I wrote yet. I could not help but express about my friend who took his life off for apparently bitter reason and I do not know why he chose the decision all by himself. He is an intelligent chap as far as I could tell, much talented and shrewd, not much of my close one. The memories of the good days and moments I spent with him comes to my  inner eye and kills me. He is just not the one who does this even at deep despair. I thought whoever does this do not think about the consequences of any kind or what intolerable pain it would cause to their closed  ones. Perhaps, they do not know the value of life. If they would understand what it takes to create a life, they would realize a bit. They think it is the end but fail to understand that this is a painful beginning for the loved ones. If they ever had the chance of  seeing death, they would know how it could be. According to me, the most painful of all is to see death coming and we could not do anything to stop it, and painfully wait for it to happen. People are mortal but will be remembered both during life and after. Rest in peace, dear friend and you will live in our memories for years to come.

One Response to “The day after ..”

  1. D.Mahesh Kumar May 11, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

    Conversation between a great saint & his disciple

    Disciple – Sir ca you tell me what is your ambition

    Saint – To die in peace

    Disciple – sorry sir, please explain

    Saint – as our birth date is fixed same the death date too, we do not know both, & the difference is we cannot celebrate the later, if this is known then all issues are waived off.

    What we do we talk philosophy only on the death ceremony then we forget the person & the feel we got there & we are again back to square one with all our ego’s

    I am sorry for the decision of your friend but i don’t think it is necessary to write for him, but i wish to write for the dear & near like you to console yourself to accept his sudden demise.

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