A dog’s life

28 Apr


A few minutes to spare before the darn power cut. World is not so fair as far as I could see. I always see a disease stricken dog leaving me off the road at about 5th km from my office at around 10.25 PM daily this month. Ok, let’s name him Manny. There are so many species of dogs in the world and very few have the luxury of leading a good life. But Manny does not get it. Foreign species of dogs have a comparatively good life in the hands of wealthy humans. Most of the others live on the street.  I have seen so many dogs getting caught in road accidents and their worried souls leaving bodies decaying right in the middle of the road. Life is beyond an eye’s vision as the dogs also have a life running on, a life comparatively shorter one than us. Dogs are no less in intelligent than us, considered the most faithful souls ever known. The irony lies in calling our troubles and the problems that people sadly mention them as “Dog’s life”. Dogs’ lives are no better than ours, what a cruel world this is !!!

2 Responses to “A dog’s life”

  1. lawrence77 May 9, 2010 at 1:35 pm #

    Like My life 😦 😥

  2. D.Mahesh Kumar May 11, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    Yes, we are very cruel, not only dogs Gogo

    Hope you have been to Palani, you can see many abandoned or deserted horses on the road which was just left by the owners after it becomes old or weak,

    Also we can see huge raise in old age homes & believe me there are some guys having a separate saving per month to pay for old age homes when they get old,

    Planning to open a account for me too at the earliest,

    If there is an accident in the road how many guys dare to go to help the victim?

    afraid of police & inquiry ( thanks to our own rules)

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