Solitude and the solace.

23 Apr

Hi again,

I was quite tired and a bit tormented due to some extra hours at work last week, I had to commute with my bike (for convenience’s sake). It’s a 30 km drive from home in the battered and traffic-congested Mettupalayam Road. Gladly, the week is over and I am able to breathe better.  There are times I have enjoyed driving to office. Usually the drive gives a thousand things to the mind. Sadly, my shift this month starts at scorching 2PM (hope it ends so soon as well 🙂 ), I leave from home when it is at least close to being late, so I speed up all the way to compete with the never stopping seconds. I always have felt everyday that had I started earlier, I could rather enjoy the drive, give the roadside fruit-sellers a hint of the mint and expect that the good cheer continues at the office. I will definitely try that. There is not much to mention about the drive to office, it is just pure race versus the time. It is not just the haste, there are a lot other things which I do not bother that ruins me. I never seem to get out of it (All my fault). There is a different life at office, I have never bothered to think about when I’m on the outside. The night gives more than a thousand things. The loneliness in driving the stretch kills me a bit, I try to fill in the loneliness by singing in to the darkness around me. I found out that I could not challenge my shadow on the road, it always passes me without any problems.  It is just me, the bike, the headlamp brightness, occasionally passing vehicles all during the drive. Yesterday I looked towards the sky while driving and saw the big bright moon shining coming along with me and visible through the cloud once in a while as I crossed towns. When I finally reached home and turned to park the vehicle inside, a exceptional brightness lifts my head sideways and I see the moon there through the beautiful grills placed at the elevation of my home. (A camera cannot capture its beauty, our eyes often do). A mix of happiness surrounded as I felt I have not been alone after all, all days this week. I felt being together in the drive with mother earth’s sister.

3 Responses to “Solitude and the solace.”

  1. D.Mahesh Kumar April 23, 2010 at 11:35 am #

    Yes Siva, a long drive lonely will help us to remember a lot of memories in depth of our mind,

    Also it give time to enjoy the environment around us,

    have a safe & pleasant drive.

  2. dinesh April 27, 2010 at 12:12 am #

    yeah.. loneliness, drive, moon, expected only in a movie.. but we seldom spend time with nature these days 😦 .(this sounds like how my my blog post title would be).. cool really..

    • Shiva April 27, 2010 at 11:50 am #

      Loneliness provides more room to thoughts and often gets one to be a different kind of person

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