A transient world

14 Apr


I have been fascinated by Robert Frost’s poems describing sleep as a thing much more than a daily routine, he refers a temporary state of death.  Dreams are often accompanied with dreams. I have spoken about dreams a few times before (About actress Anushka of course 😉 and about a potential plot for a story, I could not find enough mind space to think of that), these  dreams accompany me daily without any consent :(. Dreams almost catch us off guard always, comes to get us a glimpse of our wildest imaginations, vivid places and our innermost desires. We carry in thousands of day dreams all day, live off the day for some good sleep at night. They come in between and remind us of the things which leaves one speechless and perplexed while at sleep. A friend of mine remarked about his dream. “I did not know how to drive my bike, I was wondering how to start it”. He is an expert bike driver in real, the talk of it kept me amused for sometime. In my dreams, I think I have fought masked and armed warriors and tackled them and fled home. This dream dates a very long ago. I could still remember it. I had even been in a historic car chase. Bad guys chasing me, movie material 😉  One good aspect of the dreams is that I forget them sooner when I wake up from sleep, the thought of it haunts me much though. It migrates me sometime to far off places, where our yearning emotions take over and almost shatters me to wake up and it haunts me as hell as a memory rather than just a bad dream. It sometimes allows  me to spend time with my long lost loved one and the transient world kicks off to reality 😦 when I wake up. These were the days when I thought I could live off my life in dreams.

PS: Just a note, this is my 50th post. I thank all my readers for your time and support. XOXO


One Response to “A transient world”

  1. D.Mahesh Kumar April 19, 2010 at 4:42 pm #

    Dear Siva,

    first of all congrats for your half century,

    wish you reach millions of post in coming years,

    dreams, I get very less dreams, ( I am a practical guy )

    once on my visit to my family doctor, i asked him why i

    dream very less, he really started shouting at me & said,

    it is really a blessing to dream less, thanks to the almighty for blessing me at least for this,

    Do not worry about dreams, I had read a study on dreams from WHO like to share with you

    following are some common dreams to a mankind not gender specific,

    1. All the teeth fall down suddenly

    2. Bad guys are chasing & we cannot run faster, they run

    fast & we run in slow motion mode

    3. We are the best guy in the universe & all others are

    abusing us for our good deeds, but still we are calm &


    so dreams are always dreams, just be cool.

    all the best

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