9 Apr

Hi again,

I was coming to work on a bus (daily commute from my place to thudiyalyur)  when I saw one person who looked almost like my school hindi teacher. I could not help but backtrack several years ago (to may be when I was studying eighth or ninth standard). I remember his name, Ramesh Kumar, I wonder if he would ever remember me, I have made enough mischief to remember me somewhere down the line. There had been so  many instances in which faces remind me of people whom I have met and those who shared a part of their lives in mine. Most friends of mine have always disregarded my claim that somebody are look-alike of an acquaintance or friend. Thoughts backtrack to few years or jump to childhood to get to the place where I met the people and had my time with them. Sometimes, it might be a passer by whom I see regularly to best friends. The people bearing resemblance are a precious way to get myself immersed into the unexplored horizon of thoughts, ones which I have never been bothered in dreams. Resemblance is a inexhaustible source of random thoughts. Thanking each one of them 🙂

One Response to “Resemblance”

  1. D.Maheshkumar April 9, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    good atleast we remember our teachers by resumblance

    you liar, you told me you do not know hindi ?

    sometimes we get caught while saying something else,

    be cautious about the words you have uttered or about the sharpness of your contacts 😆

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