Numero uno

7 Apr

Hi again,

Draft last edited by Shiva on March 8, 2010 at 6:16 pm 😦

Numero uno (number one). The word came to my vocabulary after knowing about the Fiat  Uno car after I wondered how they would name it like this. Most of the car names still fascinate me with wildest guesses. Numero uno is one of the things that comes up to every one’s mind very often, not a random thought, but a strong emotion. The word gets infused right from childhood by random people and got to see and face  it most often. Usually, the word is related with the superlatives ‘the most’ and ‘the best’, be it any one from age three to ninety (refrained myself from mentioning sixty) , we are fascinated and somehow addicted to this phenomena. I guess I have almost not been the kind of people who wanted to be number one. There are two issues in doing this, getting to the top (obviously not my cup of tea) and maintaining the position on the top. The hardest part here is there can be one person or a thing which could be at the top and fills sadness with the runners  up and jealousness (!) to other people whoever may be trying to get it or be it a bystander for that reason. Significant chances are there to get to the top always but it’s always the efforts putting in that would really help than luck. Get the pumps going before it is too late to get to the numero uno. It is not like, “Get rich or die trying, LOL”

One Response to “Numero uno”

  1. D.Maheshkumar April 9, 2010 at 5:41 pm #

    In todays prevailing circumstances getting rich is a choice,

    we should only know how to make money, oppurtunities are widely spread,

    we really do not try & we simply blame on the luck,

    jealous is a feeling which is a birth rite of a lazy goose,

    we should try & learn from a succecfull guy & see what is in him which is not in us, this makes the difference,

    hardwork & patience really pays,

    it is only the attitude that matters nothing else.

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