More than just gold.

2 Apr

Hi again,

I wanted to write this since a fortnight ago, I just could not find the right mood nor the time.  So, here it is. Everybody has an affinity towards the new things and old things just become out of fashion all of a sudden. I could just find it in almost every single thing in my life. Also, I could find that I am around 22 years old, I could not somehow consider myself new (very young in that aspect). I respect the old things as they show the base for all the advances in life. I could still remember the childhood things that amazes me most, the first ever television shows and Jungle book show, I always felt that life was always simpler with the older things and memories. I could not also forget the fact that we are aging and what is shining new today will become outdated and antiques sooner or later. I respect our parents, forefathers who led us to this life. I could even thank the chimpanzees, orangutans for the painstaking evolution that we got from.  Though we evolve day after day, the requirement remains the same, if we choose to lead some way, we should always remember and respect the journey that we made across in life. Many a times, a question arises  in my mind that all the hype towards new things and changes create an illusion that the lives/things made in the past do not make any sense at all. I strongly believe that it is due to our ancestors, we lead a life like this, remembering what it could take for  a single celled organism could evolve in to a highly intelligent human beings like we are now. Thanks to all primates, reptiles and other creatures which I am not aware of who led us to this way. Old is gold is a proverb. I guess, it is just more than gold. Gold could be extinct species of metals in the near future. But, something that has the value of being old is not 🙂 There is nothing else to replace the legacy and history.

One Response to “More than just gold.”

  1. D.Maheshkumar April 9, 2010 at 5:04 pm #

    Not exactly but yes upto some extend,

    Old is not just history or memories, it teaches us how we can live without new inventions,

    As it is said necessity is the father of inventions,

    we started growing fast which leads us to be in gr8 trouble now,

    for example TV, it will work only in the afternoon for UGC for 2 hrs & starts only in the evening & ends at 9 pm but now???

    intially everybody was happy to have programs round the clock, but now the same has become a hazzard,

    this is fact.

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