My Little world ;-)

26 Mar

I heard my mother complain about a sweet item made by my cousin sister about its composition and taste. Of course, my mom is an expert in making this sweet. Thanks to my mother for being the inspiration for the post.  I backtracked myself to the date and imagining how my mother had  started learning to prepare the sweet. How amazing is to think that every one’s life has a saga to tell about to others? I think about myself and my close ones’ lives. Though we live together or close or apart, each one’s life is marked by the difference in milliseconds, each one so unique and different.Every single ‘thing’ influences every single moment of life.  Sometimes, you can’t help feeling blessed to have someone close to you, no matter how long the relationship is. A particular newbie in my team at office got so engrossed to speaking after a real slow start, we ended up shaking hands when it is his time for parting ways. Good chap. Whatever has ended, let it go away, take care of the treasured moments and make more of such moments. Living happily ever after (!) in my little world 😉

One Response to “My Little world ;-)”

  1. D.Maheshkumar April 9, 2010 at 4:52 pm #


    I am not getting you exactly,

    post should have to be in two paragraphs,

    two different headings should be given,

    still good points, all the best

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