The terror

1 Mar

Hi there again,

Scolding myself for not being regular in writing 😦 Human minds or all the living organisms fear on something or for something. It might be for a higher official in the office (nah ! just bluffing), lion or  a tiger or a snake. Terror is a natural instinct but creating terror is not. It all started when I was a baby, not by my relatives (!), but by the elusive injection and like all babies, I hate it. I still remember screeching like a moose after getting an injection. Still now, injections cause a little itchy, I close my eyes before getting injected. We do not have any authority to instill terror over an unassuming stranger or whoever that may be. Sick people get brainwashed and engage in a war that is against humanity, against themselves. Terror is even commercialized, but in a healthy way. When we visit theme parks, they involve games that involve mind-boggling and seeming dangerous, they let us ooze out all the hormones in an effective way which will reduce chances of heart-attack and stress. Best example is the roller-coaster. They are the best in this business, I have not got to one, they are really scary to me. They are nice alternatives to otherwise boring entertainment shown on TV or whatever else. And this is not even terror, it is just inducing chemistry to the most elusive machine on the planet.

4 Responses to “The terror”

  1. D Mahesh Kumar March 1, 2010 at 2:14 pm #

    Terror – Good topic to discuss about

    Please see my concerns

    Higher official – it is not a terror exactly, it is only a time being feel to make him happy for something (increments,transfer etc), it is gone in the moment you get a new job, so it can be waived

    Injections – Yes it is a different kind of experience, piercing ourselves with a sharp object, even though every mother asks not to play with sharp things

    Commercialized terror – It is a news for me that roller coaster helps to reduce heart attacks & stress, I visited a multiplex where we have a ghost room, children below 12 not allowed & even adults should be minimum a group of 2, you cannot enter in single,

    The room has a jungle atmosphere inside where you see dangerous animals & caves with ghost &
    snakes like stuff, it is really scary because in a small sound proof room you have Bosch audio system which scares you more, This will give a heart attack to a normal guy, You have to sign a document before entering that you are entering in your own risk, this is like “SONTHA SELAVULA SOONIYUM VECHUKKARATHU”

    To conclude terror is brought to us when we are a kid by our mothers,
    1. Will give you to 3 eyed person
    2. Ghost is going to come now
    3. Drum stick tree is residence of Vedhalam that too it hangs upside down
    4. “Boochandi kitta puduchu kodupeen”
    5. Ghost time is night 12:00

    such things even stay after we grow up, we can show that we are brave but in dark these things comes out & make a big difference in your confidence levels.

  2. Amogh March 1, 2010 at 3:21 pm #

    bravo mahesh you summed it up brilliantly

  3. dukhiatma March 2, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    Good blog….

    • Shiva March 2, 2010 at 7:12 pm #

      Thanks. Between your views and sarcasms welcome 😀

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