A child’s mind

18 Feb


Kids, particularly babies are always fascinating. They are the most unexpected and leaves us astounding with their actions. I really get mad when these kids would not come near me so I could cuddle and have them myself for sometime. They would start crying and would want to get to their parents’ mostly moms. I do agree that they do not belong to us full time. But, when they want to leave us in some moments when we get them with us really puts me aback. This has happened so many times so I thought perhaps I would get a baby girl or boy myself, I would be the world to them (at least until they grow up 😉 ). I would love, caress, cuddle them, shower my entire love to them. I would somehow want to tell me kid that I was put aback several times, they should not do it to others anyhow. I know this all sounds weird but that is how I felt every time. I guess I could just wait until I get one myself.

One Response to “A child’s mind”

  1. D Mahesh Kumar February 26, 2010 at 1:28 pm #

    You are so young to write this, well as a matter of fact I am not sure if you have brothers or sisters, talk about this to your friends & be informed it is just a affection on the tenders, if not convinced get married soon all the best, I will present a good book for you on the happy moment.

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