An unusual day

16 Feb

Hi again,

I am pretty angry with myself that I have not written for over a week. Today was not worth mentioning. I went forward to a place which I have never gone/seen before, I went to Singanallur area. This opened a nearby but unexplored place. I checked out ESI Hospital there which I heard about from many people. I must blame on my laziness that paid off severely today. I had gone for a quest and I managed to find the place quite easily. Thanks to my friend who was there. After a quite tiring drive from my home (nearly 40km) , I was greeted by my prospective employer. Things went good until I was answering questions. I stammered so much that he must have thought I am kidding. I was in the blockhole right from the start, the better part was a general aptitude written test which chilled me down for about an hour. Again, the stream of questions started returning. They (two) must have figured out that I am no good but they kept asking me lots of questions, I could feel one of the persons getting quite annoyed with my answers perhaps. I am still hoping that they would not read this post (they are aware of my blog already). I know for sure that I lacked what they expected of me. I feel that I was biased in the first place and I feel quite annoying about myself, the rest of the day went in quite pain. A mix of guilt and bad mood left on the day.

One Response to “An unusual day”

  1. D Mahesh Kumar February 26, 2010 at 1:37 pm #

    No buddy, you are wrong, I had personally interviewed many guys, for your kind information if a interviewer do not like the candidate he / she will close the discussions immediately they will not waste their time with you

    As you have written that a lot of questions was asked it proves they are quite comfortable with your caliber & impressed with your answers they may not be in a position of selecting you due to N number of reasons that does not mean than they are not liking you or you are lacking something

    As an interviewer I can confidently say that your CV will be still in their database

    Onemore thing dude, do not give lot of informations in the interview, answer only to the question as short as possible

    all the best

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