The waves

26 Dec

Dec 26,

Yet another year passed past in one of the worst recent natural disasters known to man.  The whole world stand in silent awe to this fierceness of the oceans. The waves splashed and splashed until it took the blood out of the people who lived in its path. This continued for several days, the entire world could only be a witness to it. I do know that this is a not at all a new kind of disaster, it was witnessed in Japan more often, they named this which literally means “big waves”, never did the oceans inflicted so much destruction before. History reports of tsunamis dating back BC 479. Island countries Thailand, Sri Lanka and most coastal parts of Tamil Nadu including Chennai, Nagai  and Tuticorn were defaced with worst damage and with the coastal villages ‘erased’ completely.

What was so panicking is the overall coverage of the affected areas by media. Hundreds of people, ranging from infants to elderly were buried in mass numbers by their lost relatives and by the  helping survivors. The tear-bursting scene like that still chills down my spine just at the thought of it. Our heart cries out for the ones who just disappeared from their loved one’s lives, the tears and thoughts will speak about the sadness and the misery. There may be rehabilitation for the people affected but how can we deny the fact that the event changed their entire life.

My sincere homage in silent tears to the lives lost and for those who possess the memory of the lost. May their souls rest in peace.

3 Responses to “The waves”

  1. amogh upadhyay December 26, 2009 at 9:17 am #

    i can never forget that day
    i was in hostel and vacations when i came to know about this disaster
    we are capable of averting such disasters we do have the technology, i hope only if we had used it
    my sincere homage to all those who lost their loved ones

  2. D Mahesh Kumar February 26, 2010 at 4:06 pm #

    it is difficult for a technology to find this I have read a article it says if the Tsunami vibes are passing below in the deep sea you can swim accross it you cannot feel anything, it gets force once it reaches the shore,

    Hope man can find something to save ourselves

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