Me, Myself and my Planet

15 Nov

Hello again fellow earthlings (borrowed the term from Amogh, LOL)

Hmm. There is always a bad feeling and guilt in myself (being one of ’em) how homo sapiens have plundered the earth so far and recklessly doing it. We do not mind how much we have given back to the mother whom we take everything from. In a life span that takes about 60 years average for a normal human, we ask and beg for too much from her. For, we know that we have not found any other living being anywhere else in the universe, least the fact that traces of water are found on moon and mars. Are we going to plunder there as well?

Well, in a home that spans thousands of kilometers and home to millions of species (which were found by us so far, billions still in the darker side), and the planet and its entire creations performed solely performed by a unimaginable power (I call it nature, myself). First, the natural resources provided by her, which is enough for a billion species in the earth has been plundered in an unimaginable way by a single superior looking species on earth.  We, not only destroy the life cover of a billion species on the earth, we are also bringing the planet to mass destruction like an apocalypse. Second, the human population has risen exponentially in the last few hundred years in the name of the so-called scientific advancements. And we cannot imagine how many species have gone extinct in the changes that we have made to the planet and figure out what could happen to the balance of the earth if we go on like this. I agree that we are no different to the million species which struggle to strive in the survival stunt and riddles woven up by the mother, but defacing everything that we have to do this is extremely unacceptable.  In this context, I would like to safely ignore the internal politics which happen between fellows and how lives go on as a struggle in this lifespan.

Thanks to the almighty mother that several people have waken up in the light of what our actions cause this world to the extreme. There are several non-profit organizations working up their best to achieve the quite impossible.  An island country signed up an underwater agreement to enlighten (!) the world about global warming in the fear of losing their country to the clutches of destruction. Happy that they rose to the occasion to at least save a part of the fellow beings and a small portion of the planet from destruction. We have caused too much damage to the planet, which is irreversible and ultimately WILL cause what we deserved.

We should wake up, trying to fix whatever damage that has been done, if not, we should realise that we are just mortals and cannot even face the anger of the mother that could tear our souls (not bodies) apart. We are at the mercy of her feet, better we realise before it is too late.

8 Responses to “Me, Myself and my Planet”

  1. nana November 16, 2009 at 11:37 am #

    enna da ipdi thathuva mazhaiya pozhinjirukka!!!

  2. amogh November 16, 2009 at 11:21 pm #

    well this was a high time for this kind of topic
    it shows that we do actually care about our environment
    KUDOS buddy 🙂

    next month is the Copenhagen summit all the world leaders would be their
    hoping that INDIA would set a LEADING stand and show the world our worth

    BRAZIL has agreed to reduce carbon content upto 36% by 2020 i was hoping WE would come out with some policy. i am disappointed by INDIA’s stand till now. Hope we will change this attitude.


  3. Goks November 20, 2009 at 12:24 am #

    A movie comes to my mind when u quoted about global warming is ‘Day after tomorrow.’ Tells about how unpredictable the nature would react to all our actions done. Actually the disaster was expected several 100 yrs later. Likewise we maynot know when are we going to get for wt we have paid.

  4. Raj December 17, 2009 at 6:07 pm #

    What an intellectual article? How you changed to such level? Good. keep it up

  5. D Mahesh Kumar February 26, 2010 at 4:37 pm #

    Hope we have & doing enough to damage ourselves

    CO level in delhi is more than 90%, this is even after all govt vehicles run in CNG

    What best we can do now to repair it, impossible

    Can you be comfortable if there is no power for whole day in a week?

    Can you be comfortable the cars & bikes are priced hell that a normal man cannot think?

    we cannot do it because even there a lot of guys earn their bread & butter

    Administration is not simple as it looks, it needs indepth knowledge to be leader

    some times why most of the times leader will be helpless because of the attitude of his followers

    so to conclude attitude matters nothing else.

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