20 Jan

Just another day in the commute through the brutal Mettupalayam Road and to lessen the lag,  I took to the music of the Rahman of the previous century in an album called the “Jeans”. While I thoroughly loved the music that soothed my senses giving a unique pleasant feeling and making me to vividly remembering the situations that leads to the songs.

Then, it occurred to me that Madhumitha (played by Ashwarya Rai) is so multifaceted in the character in the movie that I had always brushed off as a commercial entertainer. So, she is at first a seemingly innocent young thing and then a lover lady who dances around the Canyons and the world wonders in all the exquisite attires. Then situation demands her to became an alter-ego con-artist which she difficultly manages to maneuver for a bit making her suffer as the recipient of the wound of a double edged sword slowly killing her brother-in-law. Then she is a  very elegant classical dancer of the modern age with a divine voice which almost “kills” the audience (in the movie). I feel all the other characters spun with the story are just supporting roles among the amazing transformations of this character. All this could be possible on a movie like this wherein you adorn all the brilliance under one character. All the brilliance of the music, lyrics and the characters are the brain child of a enormous team of skilled individuals yet the characters and the people who play it get into the people’s minds forever making the movie experience memorable. No wonder it was played by a beautiful actress who was acknowledged as World beauty with talent.

PS: The inspiration of the post came from the movie “Kadal” but I will keep it off this on a separate post.


Nostalgia – Part 1

21 Oct

+1 to my previous post. This time about Prem annan. Gets me nostalgic while going through this

உங்களை பற்றி எழுத
பலநாட்கள் காக்க வைத்தமைக்கு
பிரேம் குமார்..
சிரிக்க தெரிந்த முகம்…
பார்த்தவுடன் கைக்குலுக்கும்
செல்ல பெயர் வைத்து கூப்பிடும்
விதம் எனக்கு என்றும் பிடிக்கும்
அந்த பெயர் பிடிக்காவிட்டாலும்..
கடைசியாக நண்பர்கள்
இப்படி கூப்பிட்ட நாள்
மறந்து விட்டது.
குறும்புத்தனம் ரத்தத்தில் கலந்ததா
இல்லை நாம் மட்டும் தான் விதிவிலக்கா
என்று இன்றும் புரியவில்லை..
சேர்ந்து இருக்கும் தருணங்கள்
நிறைய கிடைக்கவில்லை என்றாலும்
சீக்கிரமே சூழ்நிலைகள் அமையப்பெறும்
அரும்புவிட்ட நம் தோழமை
நாளும் நீண்டு விருட்சமாகும்.
நம் மக்களிடம் கொண்ட
இந்த இனிய கணங்கள் தொடரட்டும்..


என்ன எழுத நான்?

21 Oct

Again a seemingly indefinite period of time between posts. I was searching for the “kavidhai” I have written for my friends through my old e-mail records and one of them is below. This humorous guy wanted me to write something about him, looks like I have just barely scorched the surface about this and it is very short. This is another “kavidhai” of mine which is going to live eternally.


PS: Hope WP understands my request 🙂


குறுந்தாடியும் குறும்பு கண்களும்
பார்த்தவுடன் பதியும் மனதில்.
பார்த்த மாத்திரம் பரஸ்பரம்
கைகுலுக்கல்கள் என
சிரித்த முகத்துடன்
சொன்ன சிரிப்பு வெடிகளில்
இன்புற்ற இதயம் இது
களித்திருந்த நொடிதனிளில்
என்னை பற்றி எழுது என்று
நகைச்செல்வம் கொண்டு விளங்கும்
இந்த மேன்மை மேலும்
சிறந்து விளங்கட்டும்.
என்ன எழுத நான்?
வார்த்தைகளுக்கு காத்திருந்த
காகித கிறுக்கனுக்கு
இருந்தது நன்னினைவுகள் மட்டுமே.

The Oily Barber

1 Mar

Hmm..Last edited on 29th Sep 2011. Really wanted to update the blog but couldn’t come up with anything fresh so I dig this draft up.


There is this barber whom I am getting serviced for a long time (long I cannot remember how long). He has a peculiar characteristic than anybody else I have met. He is unctuous and his voice is so smooth you feel so uncomfortable. “Vaa kannu” will be his welcome words to anyone who comes for a haircut. I would always want to get my hair cut by his associates cos he is just too much to talk. The associate guys are one grim and one real mute person. My dad always used to say that barbers have a lot of information and talk about a lot of things to their customers. This one is no exception, through casual talk, he knows about my family and whenever I step in there, he would ask about their well being. During the course of the hair cut, he talks about a lot of things and does show concern over a little things but I am oblivious whether it is feigned or real. He has to come closer to whisper in order to ask about anything like my hair cut requirements and others and so on. He finally gets paid and says adieu with “Poitu vaa… kannu…  He is perhaps the only character I met in life who talks to his customers and sometimes in normal mode to other people from my observation.

Coming back to the start, unctuous, is a word I learned from the Harry Potter book (Book 4), I now remember his name (to my disbelief, yes) Igor Karkaroff, who talks unctuously, I really was much younger when I read the book anyway and never had a clue that HP would take dark turns with mercilessly killing characters like Black , Cedric, Albus, Mad-eye and subsequently lost interest in that book when all powerful characters slain one by one.

There are perhaps the opportunists who behave in such a way you could not detect their dirtiness in anyway but beware of your loved ones. Always keep a watch. Just a word.

Optimism – A short story

3 Nov

Shared by Mahesh as comments in this post  in my blog

there was a famous pop singer & he once traveled to some outskirts of Africa

when he finishes his program he got a huge payment

then he reached his hotel & was packing his things to fly back, he saw a women around 35 yrs of age just outside his room with tore clothes & lot of sorrow in her face & she was starring at his room

he just stepped out & went near the lady & asked her who is she & why she is starring at his room

the lady said that she has a child suffering from brain tumor & doctor had advised for a major operation & if the same is not performed within a week the baby will pass away

the singer was really moved by the situation & he gave all the money he just got & he went to his room, then he realized he does not have even a penny left to go back to his place

he went & requested the organizer for some funds & he promised he will perform a show for free if he helps

the organizer happily gave him some funds & he left

after 6 months he again came to same place to keep up his word

the same room attendant came to him & said, I was told you were talking to the street lady when you visited last time, the singer told yes & gave him a brief about what happened

the room boy started smiling & stated that the lady is an orphan & she does not have any baby, she normally tells same story to outsiders & gain their sympathy & get some money from them

the story stops here & a question is asked

if you were the singer, in this situation how you will react?

the reaction of the singer

he has very happy & he said the room boy ” I am very happy & glad to hear that the lady does not have a dying child ” he was really happy & tipped the room boy heavily

this is the height of OPTIMISM

Likes n Loves – Part 2

19 Sep

My friend had suggested that the previous post “Likes and loves” was somewhat shallow and that it started and ended abruptly. It had gone out of the focus (my focus) for a little while. The inspiration of the post was kind of inevitable and it is one of my favorite songs which is why I am writing this. “Anbil Avan” from “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya” is that song. It have always liked this song and particularly enjoyed the background music in the interludes depicting Kattimelam and the choir chorus I am unaware of. This was until the day that I felt this song will be a painful memory, I started to boycott it, this was of course until a month before, after I felt the pain is slowly going off. This is another example of the cycle of Likes, Loved and Love Nots. I have never expected songs which are my closest thing could become a harsh souvenir of reality. It also reminds that we are just alone and not even the closest could stay with you forever.


I wanted to post the continuation to this thought in another post, but hey, I thought let this be coherent. All this started with a casual conversation and to this day, I just hoped it did not happen. I cannot get to its details, it’s too sensitive. The days after this conversation had me torn for months together, it got me out of control for a little while. I had not been like this since last four years. From this, I did learn one thing. It is that do not go deep into something, some person until you know that they know they are with you like you expect to. And I do not blame myself or the other one that was in our conversation and I should not have put myself towards what the conversation led me to.

PS:  I have always tried to avoid writing about this in my blog, but somehow could not stop myself to do so.


விழிகளில் ஒரு வானவில்…

21 Jul

Sometimes, amazing things could be missed in the blink of an eye and fortunately you could get a chance to experience it and that blows you away off guard ! Lucky are the ones who get to see the latter. Happened to hear to “vizhigalil oru vaanavil” while being alone, this sure is one of the songs that is gonna be closer to the self for a long time. Amazing rendition by Saindhavi, no wonder GVP entrusted this song to his girlfriend. From the looks, Anushka is going to be Vikram’s lawyer in the movie and the character transformation of the laywer as seen in “I am Sam” is beautifully portrayed in the song. Cannot wait to watch the movie and feel the entire song !

Songs are one of the amazing addition in our movies that captures the emotions and give vivid depictions in the form of music and frames. Like my other favorite songs, I have recorded the lyrics here:

விழிகளில் ஒரு வானவில்…
இமைகளை தொட்டு பேசுதே…
இது என்ன புது வானிலை..
மழை வெயில் தரும்…

உன்னிடம் பார்க்கிறேன், நான் பார்க்கிறேன்
என் தாய் முகம் அன்பே..
உன்னிடம் தோற்கிறேன், நான் தோற்கிறேன்
என்னாகுமோ இங்கே..
முதன்முதலாய் மயங்குகிறேன்..
கண்ணாடி போல தோன்றினாய்..
என் முன்பு என்னை காட்டினாய்…
கனா எங்கும் வினா…

[விழிகளில் ஒரு வானவில்…
இமைகளை தொட்டு பேசுதே…
இது என்ன புது வானிலை..
மழை வெயில் தரும்…]

நீ வந்தாய் என் வாழ்விலே..
பூ பூத்தாய் என் வேரிலே…
நாளையே நீ போகலாம்..
என் ஞாபகம்  நீ ஆகலாம்…
தேர் சென்ற பின்னாலே வீதி என்னாகுமோ…
யாரிவன் யாரிவன் ஓர் மாயவன்
மெய்யானவன் அன்பில்.
யாரிவன் யாரிவன் நான் நேசிக்கும்
கண்ணீர் இவன் நெஞ்சில்…
இனம் புரியா உறவிதுவோ…
என் தேரில் பூத்த பூவிது
என் நெஞ்சில் வாசம் தூவுது…
மனம் எங்கும் மணம்..

நான் உனக்காக பேசினேன்…
யார் எனக்காக பேசுவார்..
மௌனமாய் நான் பேசினேன்…
கைகளில் மை பூசினேன்…
நீ வந்த கனவேங்கே காற்றில் கை வீசினேன்….
அன்பென்னும் தூண்டிலை நீ வீசினாய்…
மீனாகிறேன்  அன்பே..
உன் முன்பு தானடா இப்போது நான்
பெண்ணாகிறேன் இங்கே..
மயக்கங்களால் திணறுகிறேன்..
நில்லென்று சொன்ன போதிலும்..
நில்லாமல் நெஞ்சம் ஆடுதே…
இதோ உந்தன் வழி…

[விழிகளில் ஒரு வானவில்…
இமைகளை தொட்டு பேசுதே…
இது என்ன புது வானிலை..
மழை வெயில் தரும்…]

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